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Remembering our Fallen Orthodox Military August 27, 2010

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There is an Ancient custom of a Panikhida after the Liturgy on the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist for all Orthodox warriors who have laid down their lives on the field of battle. Priests and Chaplains please offer a Panikhida after this Sundays Divine Liturgy for our fallen Orthodox Service Members. Laity, please encourage your Priest to offer a Panikhida for our Fallen Troops this Sunday.

SGOMA has an incomplete listing of known Orthodox Service Members who have died while serving our Country. Please remember these brave men and women in your prayers and offer a Panikhida for them.

If you know of a Orthodox Service Member who has died serving their country, and they are not listed on the SGOMA Memorial page, then please email us with as much information on them as you have. We will gladly add them to our Memorial Page and remember them in memorials and Panikhidas throughout the year. You can email SGOMA the information at:  StGeorgeOMA@gmail.com

You can also view the Saint George Orthodox Military Association’s Memorial webpage at: http://www.orthodoxmilitary.org/Memorial_Page.html



1. Ocean City - September 4, 2010

My father was a soldier who was proud of all other soldiers. Especially the Russian ones. Many orthodox persons boast of their historical heritage but so what? For a half a century I too often clearly notice that many of the Orthodox persons I know they do not practice what their church preaches still. My very religious Orthodox father used to often visit the grave site of many of his deceased friends to pray for them but my father was never known to be charitable or kind to anyone , not even to himself. He used to justify it by saying to me why should I do something good to someone else when they never did anything good to me. Many orthodox persons do honor and venerate St. John to a extreme such as my father also had often did too but I had often wondered why when my father was never willing to make the needed personal changes in his own life, to bring fruit worthy of repentances.. Maybe that was why they admired St John so much cause he did make the necessary changes. All People who are willfully disobedient to God, falsely still insist on doing their own thing and not doing it God’s way will next miss the boat, and they will not enter into heaven.. for God does not bless disobediences. Cain was a good example of this.

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