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One of our own July 18, 2010

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One of the Saint George Orthodox Military Association’s Facebook members, Scott Hakim (center in photo), is a U.S. Marine currently serving in Afghanistan. Recently, Fr. David Alexander, a USN Chaplain, serving in Afghanistan, did a very moving podcast about Scott on Ancient Faith Radio (Finding Scott Hakim – In the Valley of the Shadow of Death). Fr. David found Scott injured and in the military hospital there in Afghanistan, after a serious roadside bombing attack.

According to Scott’s family, he is now healthy and doing fine and is back with his fellow Marines. His small Marine Company is stationed on the top of a mountain scouting over the three towns that surround the mountain. They are due to head back to the States on October 4th.

Until then, Scott told them he would like some goodies from the USA, such as: blue Gattor-aide powder, beef jerky, sour skittles, and pouches of chicken and tuna.

SGOMA will be sending Scott one of our Survival packages. If you would like to send some items to Scott and his fellow Marines you can contact SGOMA for Scott’s mailing address in Afghanistan, our email is:  StGeorgeOMA@gmail.com. I am also sure they would appreciate cards and letters of support from our Orthodox people and especially from children.

SGOMA is also accepting donations for our Orthodox Survival Package Program. If you would like to assist SGOMA in this project please contact us.

Please keep, Scott, his fellow Marines, and all of our Troops in harm’s way, in your daily prayers.



1. usmc_mom - July 18, 2010

God bless Scott and all his fellow Marines in harm’s way.

I heart my Marine Daddy:


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