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“Orthodox Christians on the Front Lines” is now live, up and running on Ancient Faith Radio May 14, 2010

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SGOMA’s podcast series “Orthodox Christians on the Front Lines” is now live, up and running on Ancient Faith Radio (www.ancientfaith.com). The initial episode is now available for listening. New episodes will air every other week. Look for the next episode on May 19th or 20th. This podcast series is also available on iTunes, just search for “Ancient Faith Radio” and then look for the “Orthodox Christians on the Front Lines” podcast and subscribe to it to get all the future episodes on your iPod/iPhone.

In this first episode Hieromonk Joshua and Subdeacon Vladimir Laven discuss the origins of the Saint George Orthodox Military Association; the need to assist our Orthodox Armed Services Members, their dependents, and those who have served; increasing the size of the Orthodox Chaplaincy that serves our military; and some of the goals and outreach programs of SGOMA.

This podcast was recorded back in the beginning of January 2010. It was Hieromonk Joshua and Subdeacon Vladamir’s first ever attempt at doing a podcast. It is hoped that over time, and as they do more podcasts, that they will get better and present more of a professional, enjoyable and educational feel to the podcasts.

The next several episodes of “Orthodox Christians on the Front Lines” will feature podcasts from:

Fr. Anthony Perkins – Retired U.S. Army Intel Officer
Fr. Peter Dubinin – U.S. Army Orthodox Chaplain Recruiter
Fr. Jerome Cwiklinski – U.S. Navy Orthodox Chaplain
Hieromonk Joshua
– U.S. Navy Veteran, Co-Director of SGOMA
Subdeacon Vladimir Laven – U.S. Air Force (Ret), Co-Director of SGOMA
His Grace Bishop Daniel
, the blessing Hierarch of SGOMA, Former U.S. Army Orthodox Chaplain

And many more to come!

Please visit and bookmark the “Orthodox Christians on the Front Lines” page on Ancient Faith Radio at the following web-address: http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/frontlines



1. Fr. Peter M. Dubinin - May 14, 2010

Just listened to the first podcast; well-done and many blessings on this endeavor. You know Fr. I need to respond to the statement about we Orthodox getting rid of the timidity….. I could not agree more and I hope to do more within the Army chaplaincy to make this a reality; one of the reasons for the “timidity” in my opinion is 1. As Orthodox entwined in this multi-jurisdictional mess, we do not speak with one voice on Orthodox religious concerns within the armed forces; as such no one at the strategic level of the chaplaincy is really quite sure what they are supposed to know about us and what needs to be done for us; 2. In keeping with no. 1 above, our leaders/hierarchs are not fighting the fight in behalf of their spiritual sons and daughters in uniform. The rank-and-file will be empowered when they see their leaders not kow-tow to the government but actually demand that the military understand Orthodoxy and hold the feet of govt officials to the fire to make sure there is something on every military installation for ministry to our Orthodox faithful (a la USC Title 10 – it’s the law!!!!); that’s leadership plain and simple. Christ was the meekest of all, but I could only wish I was a fly on the wall when he let the pharisees, sadduccees and scribes have it (St. Matt 23ff). As rank-and-file, we will do our part to bear witness to the faith, but if a leader were to rise up from among our shepherds/bishops and lead the way, all military brass and military personnel would know who the Orthodox are within a year.

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